Our company is ready to work with all companies, private and public sectors at the local and international levels to transport all shipments, solid and liquid goods, goods of dimensions, excess weights and refrigerated products to and from all ports, airports and border crossings of all Iraqi governorates.

Our company is a public transport and Logistics Company of the leading companies specialized in transport and heavy transport. It is characterized by its successful, solid and accumulated experience in the field of transportation. The company has succeeded in building this expertise by relying on the knowledge and professionalism Applies to the highest security standards, In addition to providing valuable services and competitive prices, and above all the confidence of customers in the capabilities of the company, Where the company owns a fleet of trucks and advanced equipment, to accommodate the implementation of all transport projects, which contributed in a practical way to the strong presence of the company in the field of transport of all goods in Iraq and in the Kurdistan Region and the company depends on the concept of quality and safety and adhere by the instructions of occupational safety (HSE) according to international standards.

We conduct road surveys and identify potential obstacles and dangers before any particular movement while dealing with large size, weight and various dimensions of goods.

The company is distinguished in terms of delivery of projects on time. It manages full logistics services from the cargo loading site to the final shipping location, including port services and other logistics services such as maintenance, customs clearance, cargo handling of various sizes, dimensions and weights, handling and transport of dangerous materials Such as radioactive materials, explosive materials and chemicals.

Transport services and features:

  • Door-to-door transport services
  • Dedicated capacity as needed
  • Transportation during the same day
  • Customs clearance