Our services in customs clearance are infallible, in all Iraqi ports and neighboring countries, also in alliance with international companies.  As the company has a team of professional and experienced experts in customs tariff, laws, instructions for the Iraqi Customs, all types of imported and exported goods are cleared within 1-3 days from the date of arrival at the customs center, for our deep knowledge of customs clearance procedures.

Our experience exceeds 25 years in this field, Ocean Pearl has deep knowledge of customs clearance procedures to deal with all types of imports / exports, whether permanent or temporary, in addition to duty-free goods including dangerous goods, termination of arrangements for the temporary importation of equipment from major international construction companies, Customs at all ports and entry points and exit in Iraq, through our extensive expertise ensure that the clearance operations more efficiently in time.

Our company Offers integrated solutions in the field of customs clearance services, which include for example:

    • We provide customs clearance services on a pre-price basis that we are committed to and deliver goods within the best conditions in your warehouse.
    • Follow-up laws and local and international decisions to ensure the best prices for clearance without risking your goods.
    • Offering assistance in forming the idea of the product you want to import or export, and help contact supplies or importers of your product in the country you want to export or import from it.
    • Prepare your initial invoices and choose the appropriate payment method.
    • Choose the best shipping methods for your goods to provide maximum comfort and reduce costs.
    • We guarantee maximum clearance for your goods at “lowest cost” as possible we can with our good relationship and long experience in dealing with Iraqi customs officials.
    • We guarantee a safe and economical transfer from the port of access to your warehouses. Whether you are an importer, a exporter, a manufacturer, a merchant, or your personal luggage or car.
    • Customs consultancy and consultancy services in land, sea and air transport. Commercial visits services, invitation letters, visas issuance and residence, our services at very reasonable prices and speed in the completion of customs transactions.