• Welcome

    We welcome our customers as if they are guests in our homes, we feel that they are distinguished, we seek to understand and meet their expectations, and we act with diplomacy.

  • One team, one family

    We work together, build positive relationships, celebrate diversity in business and culture, respect each other, and contribute positively to the communities in which we live.

  • Our word is a pledge

    Honesty and transparency in communicating, providing the best performance, taking responsibility for our business, completing work on time.

  • We and Our Company

    We are the interface of our company; our words, actions and behavior have a direct impact on our company. We care about our company’s reputation and prestige.

  • We have

    We have extensive experience for more than two decades in the field of logistics.

We start from ARZ Company for charge and costume clearance since 1994, and then we create later Ocean Pearl Company for Customs Clearance, Freight and Commercial Agencies LTD. Our company is based on our reputation, our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the world of shipping, clearance and logistics, and building a strong base of customer service and expert and eager employees.

Today our company is proud to be one of the first companies specialized in customs clearance and provide the best services to our customers and extends to the transport from all over the world.

What is the nature of our work?

We are providing high quality logistics services that provide our customers with a competitive advantage in the markets of Iraq and the Middle East.

How do we provide it?
We provide these services by understanding our customers and utilizing our international network, our unique local expertise, our specialized logistics capabilities, our enthusiastic, experienced and multi-cultural staff, high quality information technology, Our professional stores are equipped with technology and technical teams with experience in packing, unloading, packing, loading and unloading of advanced machines, equipment in different sites, Professional safety teams and active customs clearance teams with high skill in carrying out the customs procedures and taking the goods out of the customs estate with accuracy, speed, and low cost, and our fleet of land transport assets.

Our goals

The core objective of Ocean Pearl is to provide a package of integrated logistics and customs clearance services to meet the

needs of the public and private sectors at the local and international levels.

We believe that quality is not an option but a necessity for the survival and growth of our company in a competitive


We strive to provide a high level of customer satisfaction that will always result in customers choosing us.

So our goal is to provide our customers with cost-effective alternatives that will help them achieve the logistics and business

goals we always have.

What are our values?


We are responsible for everything that happens in the workplace. We are responsible for our results and we know that to change things we have to change first.


We are committed to the mission, vision and values of our company, its current and future team and all its customers at all times.

We take the additional step:

We will give more than your expectations. This means that we will give more than we promised by taking the extra step.


Good as a word is not enough for us. We always offer solutions of exceptional quality that add value to each customer and look for different ways to provide more and stay on the way of constant and continuous development and innovation.

What is our system?

Our system business is to provide the highest level of service in the most economical way, through operations, technologies, warehouses and fleet Transportation owned by the company.

We always aim to meet the different needs of the general customer as well as the specialized ones, thus providing all customer services under one roof.

Our business system also requires the largest volume of logistics and trade, allowing us to reach high levels in the business of logistics and commercial agencies where we can provide solutions needed by the end user as well as the central service providers.

At the heart of this system is our technical experience and our staff who are constantly learning the best ways to use our different assets to better serve our customers.

Competitive prices

Ocean Pearl is distinguished by competitive prices offered in parallel with high quality service; Committed to clear prices


Ocean Pearl is committed to accurate delivery schedules, documents, parcels and shipments as agreed with the customer, and also provides special shipping options for the customer according to the need.


Ocean Pearl guarantees that you will receive and deliver your packages and shipments safely to the required destination and according to the agreement of both sides according to internationally recognized standards in this field.